Welcome to Otarion Dairy Goats located in Reed Point, Montana!



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Welcome to Otarion Dairy Goats...

Welcome to Otarion Dairy Goats located in Reed Point, Montana!

I've been raising LaMancha & Alpine dairy goats for over 40 years in several states but now we are all in Reed Point, Montana. LaManchas are my main dairy goat breed now. I do have one Alpine that got in with the LaMancha buck, when I was hoping to AI her, so we have a few LaMancha/Alpine Experimental does, too.

My goats are CAE and CL free, but the kids are hand-raised pasteurized anyway. I have a very small herd so I keep only the cream of the crop.

Every doe has an E mammary and the lowest LA score is an 87. At present I have 8 does that have 2CH legs since there are so few shows around here and they are so consistent in quality. When we get to go to Nationals we usually place in the top 15 somewhere, and as high as second so far- does and kids.

I've had trouble finding a tester but have hauled the ladies 10 hours to a 1 day test so they could get their stars. (I hope I have found a tester for this year and can be on standard test!)

I did some A.I. breeding this year in addition to the lovely bucks I've been able to buy.

I accept a $100 deposit and once you are notified of the birth you have 2 weeks to pay in full. I will provide U.S. health certificates and the shipping costs are up to the buyer.

We have other girls, not on our website, that are not bred or Purebred Experimentals that have all placed like the rest of the herd and except for pedigree or ears are consistently long, level, wide and lovely. If you have interest in Experimentals let me know and I will get you the info on them.

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